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Tianjin International School

Tianjin International School underwent an entire renovation of its website in 2018. I was the chief designer and builder for TIS's new site.

When I arrived at Tianjin International School, updating the website was one of the top priorities they had. Their previous website was in WordPress and was okay - for 2010. Before the website redesign, I stripped the WordPress site down to make it a more functional website from a user experience perspective. This included removing unnecessary plugins, optimizing images, and condensing information.

For the redesign, I sat down with the current Director of Marketing, Admissions, and Communications to discuss the goals we had for the website. We both conducted research to find websites we liked, and we selected elements from those sites that we would like to adopt. After mocking up potential designs in Adobe Illustrator, I went to work building the site.

A challenge for this project was learning a new coding language. The CMS for the website is called Grav, and this CMS uses the coding language, Markdown. My previous experience is in HTML and CSS, so it was fun to learn a new coding language and how it interacted with the languages I already knew. Through building this new site, I also learned a lot of new techniques to help make the site as good as it can be. 

The TIS Website went through a complete redesign in 2018, an intensive update in 2019, and then regular minor updates since 2020. I am currently responsible for managing and updating content on the TIS website. 

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