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Tianjin International School
Print Advertisments

With the Director of Marketing, Admissions, and Communications at TIS, I strategized and implemented several successful print ad campaigns.

One of the best examples of our advertisement strategy is the 2020-2021 school year ad design. Each magazine ad was designed similarly but differed in the tagline, photo, and color. They still had key contact information, the school's name, and elements that conveyed the different attributes that made TIS stand apart. 

The taglines were vital because they shaped the TIS messaging for a specific period. For example, if the tagline were "Individually focused, globally connected," then all of the content published on our channels would connect back to this tagline. Content would either be directly connected or indirectly connected. The TIS magazine ad strategy was a crucial part of the overall marketing strategy for TIS.

Below are some more examples of print advertisements I created for TIS.

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